Teeth Gaps and Tooth Bridges

tooth bridgesWhen we talk about tooth bridges we are talking about replacing missing teeth. Typically a gap of one or more teeth, where we crown the teeth on either side of the gap and connect them with lab fabricated teeth.

The alternative is usually a partial denture. The main difference between the two is that the tooth bridge is a single solid piece that is permanently cemented into the mouth (the partial needs to be removed and cared for).

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Tooth Bridges – Before and After

Below, you will see results from actual patients of Lemont dentist Dr. Mohajir.


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Our belief in bridgework is the simple conviction that the quality of life is improved. This may sound lofty, but there are very real, very significant benefits.

Appearance is a motivator for some patients, especially when front teeth are missing. We believe a bridge can contribute to higher self-esteem and refined speech. Your tongue moves more naturally as you speak–without whistling or lisping.

Before – Old Maryland Bridge with cavity beneath it

After – New Porcelain Bridge

“Occlusal stability” refers to a strong, functional bite–a fine-tuned machine, if you will. Missing teeth, however, contribute to an erratic bite, which in turn will wear healthy teeth down to “balance” a bad bite. Comfortable eating is at issue, surely something basic to our lives.

A finely made bridge can recover both lost form and function. Without it, even a single missing tooth undermines your health and vigor over time.


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