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Keep Your Smile Bright and Sunny, All Summer Long

The summer months are ahead and that usually means major changes around the house. The kids are home, there’s more time for fun, and everyone ...
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WHITE DRESS… Yellow Teeth?

Wedding season is around the corner and at our office, this usually means a rise in cosmetic procedures. Whether you’re the bride or groom, or if ...
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You’re In Control of Your Dental Health

The “doctor knows best” mentality has been a cornerstone of medicine and dentistry. But over the last decade, with the advent of the Internet, families ...
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Put that Winning Smile Back on Your Resume

You may not realize it, but a healthy smile can go a long way in securing a successful career. Regardless of the type of work ...
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One Step at a Time

2013 has come to an end and we find ourselves at the beginning of an exciting new year! The common cliché is the “New Year’s ...
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